Company’s Policy


Shipping Policy:

 Free Ground shipping on orders US$100.00+(under US$100, add a US$5 shipping  charges). For shipping via UPS  Alaska, Hawaii, Guam, Puerto Rico and Virgin  Island the shipping charges are charged at actual freight.

 Master Card, Visa Card, Discover and American Express accepted.

Claims & Return Policy: 

1. Check your goods immediately upon receipt. No refund after 30 days.

 There will be a 15% re-stocking, handling and inspection charges on all returns.

 No merchandize will be accepted as return without Return Goods Authorization  number (RGA#). When asking for  RGA#, we must have our invoice number,  date and reasons for the return. Any merchandize returned without  approval  will be subject to an automatic re-stocking fee with a minimum of 25% charges.

 Merchandize returned must be unused and in their original packages and  transportation to us must be prepaid.

 Customer shall be responsible for freight charges on Merchandize exchanges.

 For the damage product, customer returned, unsold/over-stock or discontinued  merchandize, a re-stocking and  inspection charges will be evaluated after  examining the condition of goods. While returning, please make sure  that the  goods being returned is actually related to “Surgical Design Inc.” invoice and  packing list. The returning  goods only supplied by “Surgical Design Inc.” shall  be acceptable.

Branding and Barcode Labeling:

1. All instruments are stamped with words “Stainless”, “Germany”,  “Pakistan”, CE  Mark with SDI Brand. Customer’s  own brand or  any other stamp can also  be etched and Barcode Labeling can  be done on demand.

All stamps shall be marked on free of cost.

 Special items can also be supplied if sketch, drawing or samples are  provided to  us or refer any reference from  any reputed  catalogue for our guidance.

Repair Policy

Our Highly Skilled Factory Trained Certified Technicians & Specialists (6 decade of experience) have technical knowledge of how to repair of all kinds of Surgical, Dental Instruments regardless of any Model or Brand to Factory New Condition. Whether it’s Minor or Major repair, Sharpness or Rebuild. We maximize the life of your valuable instruments quickly & economically with 100% satisfaction guarantee. The most important is your Complete Satisfaction. Of course, your satisfaction is our recognition & our basic aim.
If you ever send us your Surgical Instruments, our Technicians will perform the following diagnoses & Repair:

 Diagnose of Instruments: 
Inspect for diagnose its Alignment, Sharpen, Adjustment, Tighten, loose, screws, Pins, Springs, Crack as well as its corrosion etc.

 Repair & Maintenance: 
Align, Adjust, sharpen, Reassemble, Polish, Test, Clean & Lubricate. Also do T.C. Insert Replacement, Gold Dipping.

 Repair Cost:
Repair charges will be evaluated after examining the condition of the instruments.

If you ever require please Pack your box with Repairs & send it to:

National Repair Facility
7351-D Lockport Place.
Lorton, VA 22079
TOLL FREE NO. 1-800-488-8418

     Restore Your Instrument’s Life Economically

Material Warranty


We require a letter from all of our exporters/suppliers that they must certify that they shall use in production against our all orders, the Material “ Stainless Steel “ to conform to ASTM standard F899-84 as required by “ Food and Drug Administration”. USA.

They further certify that all instruments shipped by them shall be 100% Q.C. Inspected in accordance with their Quality Plan i.e. highly in polish, good in workmanship and Ultrasonically clean, free rust, debris, lint, visible rivetting, cracks/broken, etc. 

They understand, if their instruments do not comply by the above stated Standard and do not function correctly or Smooth in Operation, then SURGICAL DESIGN, INC., VA.(U.S.A.) have a right to return the incorrect instruments to them at their own expense as required by FDA. USA.

Life Time Guarantee

 Surpassed  Dependable
 Ultra  Excellent
 Reliable  Sensation
 Great  Improved
 Inherent  Gifted
 Competent  Natural
 Long lasting    

All Instrument are being produced under the supervision of highly experienced and skilled craftsmen carrying an "UNCONTDITIONAL GUARANTEE" for:-

 Use of best steel of proper specification in the production. 
 Adequate testing in hardening/tempering. 
 Accurate adjustment of ratchets/serrations of forceps, etc. 
 Electrolytically polished, passivated and ultrasonically cleaned with     best suitable      chemicals. 
 Flawless workmanship and superb finish. 
 Minute inspection at every quality controlling process as per     International      Standard Organization specifications. 
 Immediate settlement of claim against substandard quality. 

This "GUARANTEE" is always maintained as all instruments are fabricated in uniform standard of samples exactly approved by the buyers.



Care & Handling

To Our Customers:

Concerning your question on why staining, pitting or rusting can develop on stainless steel instruments; there are some basic points for the care and handling of surgical instruments which will extend the life of the instrument, eliminate staining or corrosion and lower the cost in use. 

These are as follow: 

1. Instruments should be rinsed as soon as possible after use to     remove blood,     serum and saline. Do not use a sponge basin as     any reside from normal     saline solution can cause corrosion to     develop over a period of time. 
2. Instruments should be thoroughly dried after cleaning and before     wrapping     or storing, as moisture left in the box    lock or     serrations can cause rust or     corrosion to develop. 
3. Do not leave instruments in a cold sterilization soak solution for     extended      periods as these solutions tend to be corrosive     (after cold sterilization,     rinse the instruments in distilled or     demineralized water and dry thoroughly).
4. If using cold sterilization technique, change the solution     according to       directions, as prolonged use will cause the     solution become corrosive. 
5. Do not use caustic cleaners or any other cleaner except those     specified for      cleaning surgical instruments. 
6. Do not clean instruments with steel wool or scouring powder, or     use high PH     detergents. If cleaning by hand, use a specific     instruments cleaner or a     neutral detergent soap and a soft     brush (rinse with demineralized or     distilled water). 
7. Check your autoclave. Iron, sodium, calcium, magnesium or     copper in your     water can cause spotting, staining or corrosion     to occur. In hard water     areas, clean the lime deposits from     steam lines periodically or use distilled or     demineralized water     for your autoclave. Install a steam filter if possible. It     will     remove most of dirt, rust and pipe scale. 
8. Make sure your muslim wraps are rinsed sufficiently (6 to 8 times)     by the      laundry to remove all chlorine bleach as any residue     can cause staining      or corrosion during autoclave. 
9. Do not leave instruments in the following solutions for extended     periods as     corrosion can result:-
    (a) Alumium, Barium, Calcium, Ferrous or Stannous Chloride            solutions.
    (b) Phenol, Lysol or Lodine.
    (c) Dakin's Solution or Zephirin.
    (d) Any acid, Mercury or Potassium solution.

 Do not sterilize stainless steel instruments with chrome plated      instruments       if possible, as any break in the surface of the      chrome plate will allow       anelectrolytic action to develop      between the dissimilar metals, causing       pitting and/or a      rusty appearance to develop. 
11. Preheat instruments in autoclave before allowing steam to      enter, if        possible, to prevent an excessive amount of      condensation forming on        the surface of the instruments.
12. Don't open the autoclave too quickly after the sterilization cycle      as  excessive condensation will develop on the surface of the      instruments       (crack the clave to allow drying before opening      fully).
     If you follow the above rules and use instrument cleaners and      lubricant       milk such as our Ami-Clean or Ami-Tec products, your instruments       should remain rust, spot and stain free. I hope this will answer any question       you  might have on this topic. 
When proper care is taken these stainless steel instruments can last for many years.

Sterilization Method

Sterilization in Autoclave:

 After having carefully washed dried and oiled instruments place instruments that     can be opened in the open position; put these instruments in sterilization     packets and place in appropriate trays.
 Be careful not to over load autoclave. When an autoclave is too full it's possible     that proper sterilization has not taken place.
3. After the sterilization cycle has taken place, follow manufacture's suggestions for     drying cycle. 

Cold Sterilization:

When using a solution for sterilizing instruments careful attention must made that the solution kills specific bacteria and virus, many solutions have no effect on bacteria or virus when in the presence of blood; also many solution are very corrosive on the instruments, most solutions recommend a soak time of 10 hrs. Because of the long soak time the chemical action can damage the instrument. Reduce when possible soak time; where indicated use a corrosion inhibitor.

Measurement Conversion Table

Dental Application Chart