To introduce the firm briefly, M/s. Surgical Design Inc. was established in 1995 by Mr. Khalil A. Jebraan, who is well known a specialized skilled supervisor of Surgical Instruments. This company is totally involved in surgical field, which are operation room, Floor Grade use and Disposable Line etc. 

We are quite aware of the present situation in the U.S.A. regarding the competition in Surgical instruments and also know about the execution of Contracts keeping in view main three factors i.e. “Flawless Quality”, “Most Competitive prices” and “Delivery in Time” are most essential for achieving this goal.

Surgical Design Inc. is exclusive representative of its manufacturers who produce the best quality standard instruments and is well familiar with quality controlling process by using most modern technology of International quality control systems/programme. Our all instruments are carefully passivated, electrolytically polished and ultrasonically cleaned with best chemicals available. Therefore, we GUARANTEE of our instruments against any eventual manufacturing defects and material, to either replaced or credit..


We are strongly committed to emulate the best in our segment to improve the quality of human life, generation to generation, by introducing novel health care products.

M/s. Surgical Design Inc. constantly endeavor to contribute towards economic development of the country, lead the industry by providing quality products to its customers and ensure continuous growth in the market share through a youthful goal oriented team.


To be the world’s leading health care company.